A Unique Step-By-Step Guide: Making Floor Tiling Easier

This guide isn't going to show you countless styles of tiling, then you pick one, nor is this guide going to tell you this is the only way to tile. It will however, offer you the reader, the ability to see exactly how to tile a floor, and then give you the opportunity of tweaking the method to your liking. It's up to you to decide: follow completely step-by-step or make it a style that's "unique" to you.

"There are many books out there which focus on everything tiling, but if you are looking to do floors you have to sift through all the rest to figure things out. This book focuses on one thing only, floors, and steps you through the process one piece at a time. The chapters explain each piece of the process in just the right amount of detail to give you confidence but not overwhelm you. I recommend this book for beginners looking to build a professional looking floor."

At last a how to book written by an actual tradesman in the business.  I got into writing because I was so sick of writers writing how to information by simply re-plagiarizing old articles that again were obviously not written by a tradesman riddled with errors, incomplete and sometimes dangerous.

Matt's book is a perfect blend of illustrated color pictures illustrating step by step procedures with the right balance of copy to pictures.  Any novice can take his book and study it and go tile his own floor.  Isn't that what we really want?  All of the other books in the big box stores are written by writers.  Do yourself a favor and buy Matt's book if you want to do your own tiling.

Best Wishes
John Wilder

photo of the book cover
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These are only some of the many benefits you will learn with this guide:
  • The ability to prepare and tile any floor in your home
  • A thorough knowledge of the types and styles of tile
  • How to improve the look of your home
  • Professional tips that will ensure professional results
  • A complete understanding of how and why proper tiling is done the way it is
  • How to properly lay out your floor for maximum WOW effect
  • Why you don't need to buy professional tools to get professional results

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